The Canberra Liberal party has pledged to makes changes to parking at UC if they win the ACT election on Saturday.

2500 pamphlets were distributed across UC on Thursday by the UC Liberal Party with the proposed changes.

Parking has been the hot button issue at the University of Canberra this year after Curieux revealed in August that over $500,o00 in parking fines had been issued to the campus.

 The policy is a part of a wider framework announced by the Canberra Liberals to make parking more affordable across Canberra.

For UC, the party has stated it would remove police fines from the campus leaving the responsibility with the university. They will also offer incentives to UC for creating more parking spaces on campus.

Liberal Shadow Minister Alistair Coe was quoted as saying “it is not fair that UC doesn’t keep parking revenue from fines so it can invest in new parks. It isn’t right to have a designed shortage of parking, which makes life hard for students and pushes some into financial difficulties when they get fired.”

UC Liberal Party President Will Redmond said it was a joint idea between the UC Liberals and the Canberra Liberals.

“The idea came from us offering it to them in the campaign and they ended up discussing it and they came to us saying ‘yes that would be great’,” he said.

“The Liberal Party is very much taking seriously the parking issues at UC and at ANU.”

Redmond also said the party was also looking at reducing the cost of fines.

The ACT election will be taking place tomorrow.

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