The dates for the UCSA general election have been set. This year’s election will be held from Monday, October 31 to Friday, November 4 with the results expected to be announced the following week.

These dates are almost two weeks after the proposed original dates. Yesterday, Curieux suggested the UCSA was “disorganised” due to the fact the election dates were not set in stone.

UCSA President Nawaf Ibrahim said the delay was due to administrative issues.

“Unfortunately we had to delay the elections because there has been a complete delay in the acceptance of nominations as well as verification of nominations,” he said.

“I think when you are trying to run a small organisation there is always going to be hiccups. The UCSA is in no way perfect and I don’t say that lightly.

“It’s unfortunate that the hiccup actually hindered to process of the election but hopefully now that we have a date and a good enough campaigning period there’s going to be a robust and friendly policy-driven campaign on this campus.”

The delay in the announcement of dates sparked debate on Facebook yesterday between candidate and current welfare officer Terry Watson and UCSA President Nawaf Ibrahim after a post on Reboot your UCSA (the name of Watson’s campaign) called for the election process to be handled outside of the UCSA.

Ibrahim responded by stating “I would like to note that the University Governance is and will be running the UCSA elections.” (the full post can be seen below).

Despite nominations ending on October 4, the UCSA cannot yet officially disclose nominations as they have not been verified.

Whilst this is the case, campaigning is well and truly under way with a number of candidates setting up Facebook pages and websites outlining their policies.

All signs suggest this will be an interesting campaign.

All voting will be conducted online, except for the residential warden which will take place on the respective residences.

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