With plans underway to put the University radio station at the centre of campus life, UCFM may soon emerge from the basement and into the light.

According to UC Union’s Director of Commercial Operations and Campus Life Sarah Jennett, a project is currently underway to rejuvenate UCFM and put it back in the hands of students, where it belongs. Ms Jennett envisions students being able to get involved through Work Integrated Learning opportunities or UC’s wide range of student clubs and societies.

Plans to relocate the UCFM studio to a more prominent location, such as the Refectory, are one of the main aspects of this radio rehabilitation strategy.

As soon as 2020, students could be passing the studio in its new location as part of the refurbishments planned for the Refectory in Building 1 later this year. However, Sarah warns the project may not materialize due to infrastructure concerns.

“We are working with 50-year-old buildings,” Ms Jennett says.

Nonetheless, Ms Jennett said her team is working on processes and strategies for making student engagement a reality in the longer term.

“We need to be able to put some structure underneath UCFM to be able to get that student involvement.”

Ms Jennett says that the ultimate goal is for UCFM to become a central part of life at UC, integrated within the student-dedicated spaces here on campus. And the plan has already shown promising signs, with UCFM playing in the background while students meet up for meals and drinks at The Well.

UCFM is a narrowcast license radio, meaning it should only cover the campus. However, the 87.8 stream will reach almost all the way to Dickson, so many students will remain able to listen to their favourite tunes and stay connected to UC even when they are not there.

Keep your eyes on Curieux for further updates, and tune into 87.8FM for your daily hit of UCFM.

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