How the UCX team pulled together a COVID safe O-week

Think back to May. Restrictions were newly imposed, and we had no clue what was to come. For Andrew Giumelli and Alicia Hargraves at UCX this meant hugely stalling their ability to plan semester 2 O-week. With a usual focus on providing free food to large groups of people, gigs and, of course, speed friending, it was clear this O-week would not look like those of previous years. So, they started with one concept; safety, and worked their way down from there. Just a few months later and UC’s semester 2 O-week is already here. There is something for everyone, this is exactly what you can expect.

Free food. Bacon & egg rolls, Monday, 10am, concourse. Soup Pop-up, Tuesday, 11am-1pm, UCX Student Lounge. Pies & Fries, Wednesday, 12pm, Concourse. Hot Chocolate Pop-up, Thursday, 11am-1pm, UCX Student Lounge.
Semester 2 O-Week food events

The UC community has so much to offer but if you’re new to the scene you might not know where to find it. These events will help you meet like-minded people and discover all that UC has to offer.

Best semester 2 O-Week events for new students

It’s your classic o-week fun, reinvented to accommodate social distancing. Whether you’re feeling a sit-down gig or a 1950’s movie experience, these events are the perfect way to kick start your semester.

Social events. Video games night, Monday, 6pm, The Well. O-Week trivia, Tuesday, 6:30pm, The Well. E-sports tournament, Wednesday, 10am, online. Midday music, Thursday, 12pm, The Well. O-Week drive in cinema, Thursday, 6pm, Saturday, 6pm. Dinner with Archie, Friday, 6pm, The Well
Semester 2 O-Week social events

You can find out more about all O-week events on the UC Life Facebook events page.

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