We reached out to all of your candidates to help you get to know the person you’re casting your vote for. While not all candidates got back to us, a few shared their plans for the 2021 SRC.

Voting is open until Monday (12 October) next week, so check your student emails to find a link to vote!

Faculty of Health Student Representative nominees

Manav Porwal


  • Be a voice for students.
  • Create better collaborations between the university and students to ensure students can get the most out of their studies.
  • Help increase the accessibility and amount of support provided to students.

I am a first-year student studying psychology, with a Master’s degree in International Business from UC, and a Chemical Engineering degree as well. I love anything creative; I am an avid painter, I love woodwork and my solace is anything in nature. However, my passion is human wellbeing, and the never-ending search for happiness through philosophy and now psychology. Through my life experiences, I have learned that there is always a way to avoid stress, feel positive, and achieve more in life.

Why are you running for the SRC?

I want to be a voice for students; which was reinforced by an incident I observed during a mid-semester exam. A staff member made a student cry and feel distressed and humiliated. While I am not taking sides, I believe the situation could have been handled better and that students should be able to tell their side of the story without fear. UC is providing support, however I believe that this support is not reaching all students. This is especially important because what we learn and experience at university we act out in our personal lives.

What is your vision and why are you the best candidate?

My vision is to create a better connection between the university and students. If students do well in their studies, UC’s ranking will go up and in turn UC degrees will provide students better employability opportunities. With my work and life experiences, I will be able to understand the student’s viewpoint better, help them and ensure students are informed about the support and facilities on offer at UC. Students must be heard and able to channel their grievances. I am easily approachable, happy to talk to students and I will be available in person for a few hours at the university five days a week.

Alanah Pike


  • Accurately and holistically represent the student voice on behalf of the Faculty of Health.
  • Ensure that the valuable feedback provided by the students is effectively relayed to make appropriate decisions and changes.
  • Assist decision making in the best interest of the students.

My name is Alanah Pike and I am currently completing my final semester of Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation. I will also be undertaking my Honours next year in Sport and Exercise Science. I am very passionate about learning as well as health and fitness. I have a strong desire to help people in need and give back to the community in a way that both interests and motivates me; hence why personal training and the transition to Exercise Physiology is my ideal career path. In the future, I would also like to be engaged with students in a clinical educator/academic role.

Why you are running for the SRC?

I am running for SRC to broaden my application across UC, gain an understanding of how the SRC functions and to have a say in the decisions surrounding this council. Throughout my degree, I have actively sought out opportunities to be involved in a variety of extra- circular activities and I believe this role would be a great transition into hopefully working on campus in a clinical educator, academic, or research position. I will
also gain further understanding and appreciation around the intricate happenings of a student council and assist decision making in the best interest of the students.

What is your goal or vision and why are you the best candidate for the position?

My goal is to accurately and holistically represent the student voice on behalf of the Faculty of Health. I will aim to ensure that the valuable feedback provided by the students is effectively relayed to make appropriate decisions and changes. I would be the ideal candidate for this position as I possess a great range of communication and intrapersonal skills. I am also highly organised and am able to exercise my leadership attributes which can be strongly applied within this role. Such assets have flourished in all of my commitments and will continue to do so throughout my career.

Other nominees

Yan Li

David McCooey

Chrystale Langford

Laura Sparkes

Zineb Medrek

Beth Harper-King

Kylie Yeoman

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