It’s 11 days to Christmas and if you are anything like me, this is a time you really want to show your friends and loved ones how much you care. And let’s face it after making it through most of 2020 this gift-giving season seems even more important than the years before. The task ahead can seem incredibly daunting and expensive, however, there is a solution I have been using for years that works a treat… the humble DIY gift.

So to help you out as you prepare for Christmas, I have selected my favourite DIY gift ideas for any level of craftiness and budget!

1. Marble dipped mugs using nail polish


If you have any nail polish that you never or barely ever use that sits in the depths of your bathroom cabinet, this could be the perfect gift idea for you. Alternatively for those that don’t have nail polish at home, no worries you can find them at chemists or beauty stores like Priceline for only a couple of dollars. Plain mugs can be found at Ikea or an op shop for a gold coin as well, and aside from that, all you need is a container, a toothpick, and water!

2. Tote bag

$ – $$

Uni has finished and Summer is quickly approaching, which means weekend getaways to the beach, picnics by the lake, or enjoying the warm weather and outdoors. So, a wonderful gift idea that is not only stylish but also practical is the simple and classic tote bag. This bag can easily accompany you during those summer activities or even be used on quick trips down to the shops when you run out of bread or milk.

3. Macrame


Macrame is definitely not going out of style any time soon and despite some of the steep prices you can find on Etsy for a wall hanging, with a few basic knots and some rope you can make something yourself. This gift is also perfect for the plant lover or maybe someone wishing to spruce up their dorm room with a summery boho feel.

4. Painted bowls, mugs and plates


While this hack is incredibly cheap, it can look really expensive if you put the time and effort into it! Forget those matching coloured sets that cost a fortune from homeware stores and try this out. You could purchase items from Ikea, Kmart, or even an op-shop, which makes this gift very affordable.

5. Earrings

$ – $$

For the fashionable friend or family member that loves to wear a statement earring try the colourful thread tutorial. Alternatively, clay earrings can suit any style, catering to muted and earthy tones or funky and contemporary shapes. DIY gifts provide the opportunity to match the gift perfectly with the person they are for.

6. Ipad or Laptop case

$$ – $$$

This tutorial is perfect for a sewing beginner and makes a practical and fashionable gift. Most people use computers in their everyday life and many travel to and from uni or work with one. So, a laptop or Ipad case is something that they will probably use every day, making this gift useful and memorable.

7. Candles


Gifting candles is often seen as a “cop-out”, however making them from scratch enables you to completely tailor the design and scent of the candle to the person they are for. This gift has a higher upfront cost but is incredibly cheap when you make it in bulk and you can have some fun with it! Think about different items you could pick up from op-shops to make the candle in, for example, teacups and interesting glassware, or even consider painting and personalising a jar.

8. Clay Coasters

$$ – $$$

These clay coasters are fun and easy to make. While there is an upfront cost for the clay, paint, and glaze, remember that you can make multiple sets or gift them individually, it’s entirely up to you. A 12 pack of coloured clay costs $37 from Spotlight or around $5 each, cork is $4, and glaze $15.

9. Personalised Guess Who


This gift idea is perfect for a share house or could be theme-based for someone with a specific interest or hobby, for example, a Harry Potter fan or sports fan. Plywood is around $5, hinges can be ordered online in bulk for under $15, glue is a few dollars and so is cardboard.

10. Apron


While it may conjure up images of 1950’s housewives, as someone who makes a huge mess in the kitchen, I think the apron is a very underrated gift. This little number is easy to make, has the option to add a pocket and you can find some really fun fabrics at Spotlight and Lincraft.

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