“We just want to be a fun club”: The University of Canberra’s new Dramatic Arts Club 

By Ethan Darrow

University is stressful, with trying to make a good impression with your tutors, getting your assignments in on time and waiting for grades to be released.

Despite the best efforts from universities, with stress less weeks and regular free food, it sometimes seems like this stress will follow us where ever we go.

But for University of Canberra student, Nicola Ceccato, the cure for stress is simple; drama.

Getting loose and creative is UC’s new drama club’s antidote for 2021. Sing, dance and act your way through the stress, leaving the troubles of the past, and the stress of today, behind.

The Dramatic Arts Club is still in its early days, created in February 2020 by club president, Nicola Ceccato, with the intention of creating an inclusive space for everyone, irrespective of their background in the performing arts. 

Members from UC Dramatic Arts Club pose for group photo
Image: UC Dramatic Arts Club

“The purpose of the Dramatic Arts Club is to create a space for people that are creative and like to entertain and perform,” she said. 

During her time studying at the University of Canberra, Nicola noticed that the university did not have many creative clubs, and as a dancer, she thought that it would be good to have a club that caters to everyone. 

Nicola explained how the club, which is currently made up of 15 members, wants to be a stress-free zone where anyone can showcase any talent of theirs, no matter how unique it may be. 

“Our purpose is to create a space for people to come in and be creative and showcase their talents, and to create a stress release that is not academic-focused,” she said. 

“We also created the club with the intention of creating a space where students don’t have to think about university.”

This inclusive and versatile club is currently looking for new members who don’t need specific skill sets but are willing to come along and have fun. 

Activates currently consist of acting, singing, and dancing, which is run by the club’s choreographer, Zoe Twist, as well as the vice president, Celeste Gibbs. 

There are two dance classes; a beginner and a continuers class, as well as singing and acting workshops every week, where anyone can join drama games and perform monologues. 

Nicola sees the club as an “everybody’s club” no matter your skillset, as it was formed with the intention of allowing students to have fun and add to their university experience. 

“We have had people come up and say I have never acted or danced before, but I just want to have fun, and we are there,” she said. 

“The club is for anyone and everyone. You don’t have to have a specific talent.”

Potential members only need to have the desire to get involved and to showcase any talent that they may have.

UC Dramatic Arts Club logo
Source: UC Dramatic Arts Club

The weekly workshops take place every Wednesday, from 5:30-7:30 in the theatre room, 1A21 located behind the Mizzuna Café. Nicola and the rest of the club will look forward to meeting anyone who wishes to get involved. 

Contact email: ucdramaticartsclub@gmail.com

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