Those elected to the Student Representative Council, or SRC, play a vital role in supporting and representing the student body throughout the year. And like every other year, a new SRC has been elected by the student body to represent them for 2021.

You have met your SRC executives, but they aren’t the only members of the SRC working to ensure your time as a student at UC is as smooth as possible.

We are still in the early stages of Semester One, and now we want to introduce you to the rest of the Student Representative Council for 2021, these are the SRC officers.

Alanah Pike – Women’s Officer & Representative for the Faculty of Health

Alanah is the SRC’s Women’s Officer and the Representative for the Faculty of Health for 2021. She has just completed a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation, and now is studying a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours), looking into the effect of exercise on brain health and cancer patients.

She hopes to represent the voices of both students and women accurately and holistically. She would also like to gather valuable feedback to make changes to the women’s room and hold COVID safe events to promote the safety and inclusivity of women on campus. She would also love to see the SRC involved in promoting environmentally friendly choices and behaviours to encourage sustainability on campus. 

Anna Wilkey – Representative for the Faculty of Education

Anna is the SRC’s Representative for the Faculty of Education for 2021. She is studying a Masters of Teaching (Secondary), with a focus on humanities and French, having previously studied a Bachelor of Arts (Honours). She is a mum to a zestful toddler, who is currently giving her a full-time education on all of life’s most important lessons.

She has previously worked in the international development and education space, before rediscovering her love of being in the classroom. She is on the SRC because of her interest in student voices, rights and wellbeing. This year she hopes to advocate for stronger, transparent and more accountable representation of student voices at UC.

Jacob Webb – Diversity Officer & Undergraduate Representative to the University Council

Jacob is the SRC’s Diversity Officer and Undergraduate Representative to the University Council for 2021. This means he takes on normal SRC roles and responsibilities, but he is also in charge of filtering the student voice to the Council meetings. For those who don’t know, the council is the top-decision making body of the university, overseeing key decision making regarding how the university will function in all facets. He is in his second year of a double degree with a Bachelor of Politics and International Relation and a Bachelor of Law. This year he has taken on the Diversity Officer role within the SRC, so he will also oversee any issues that affect other student’s needs. He hopes to represent the extra needs of students and help to engage students with the policy of the uni.

Claudia Jenkins – Representative for the Faculty of Business, Government & Law

Claudia is the SRC’s Representative for the Faculty of Business, Government & Law for 2021. She is currently in her fourth year of her double degree in a Bachelor of Management and a Bachelor Science in Psychology. She is passionate in Education Equity, to ensure that if you are interested in tertiary study, that it is accessible to you and that you always feel supported on your journey. She is also passionate in Student Voice and connecting the student body to UC and all the support services and information available to us. She is excited to bridge that gap and to represent the students at the seat of the big tables. Feel free to reach out to her or the SRC, she is happy to sit down and have a conversation with you about your ideas or concerns.

Josephine Julian – Media Officer & Representative for the Faculty of Arts and Design

Josephine is the SRC’s Media Officer and the Representative for the Faculty of Arts and Design for 2021. She is studying a Bachelor of Design, majoring in visual communication and interactive design. She is passionate about inclusion, the student voice, and making sure that all students have a positive experience whilst studying at UC. She is the founder and president of the UC Design Society and spends a lot of time in various clubs. She loves all things design, art, and pop culture, and in her spare time, she plays bass in a band. She hopes to use her experience to improve the student experience and continue to build Curieux into a strong student magazine.

Mithil Sawardekar – Postgraduate Representative to the University Council

Mithil is the SRC’s Postgraduate Student Representative to the University Council for 2021. He is currently studying a Masters of Business Administration (Plus), and is due to finish at the end of the year. He hopes to use his experience of cultural differences to help a majority of students feel comfortable at UC.

Since UC and the SRC undertake several activities throughout the year, where domestic and international students can join in and make new friends, he hopes to see more students enjoy their time in Canberra. He is really looking forward to meeting new students and helping them in any way he can this year.

If you need to contact the SRC you can do so via email at, or you can pop by the SRC office located at 1A01.

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