Bored of the sterile repetition of predictability,

A constant orbit,

Beknown to man,

Acclimatised for generations.

Beyond the quantum realm,

We chase the supernovas,

Broken stars that once were,

Agonised in the solitude of space.

An animalistic craving for surreal fantasies,

Laced in unfathomable possibilities,

By the unconventional cortex of the brain,

Feared and untapped.

Gawking at the fuel is worrisome,

Thinning medical supplies cause angst at the sight,

Theoretical promise,

Our only shining light.

To horizons of endless exploration,

Freed from the mundane captivity of normalcy,

Divested from the faces behind masks,

In a sanctum of untethered pioneering.

Here in this escapade towards darkness,

Nothing is discovered,

Originality is timeless,

And it is beautiful.

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