With case numbers rising around Australia, the ACT government has called upon each of us to do our bit to help keep our community safe. As of 12am on June 28th, masks are now mandatory across the ACT, in all indoor public settings, and also in some outdoor settings. ACT Health have provided a comprehensive list so you can be aware of when you will have to mask up. There is a 48 hour transition period, giving you time to get masks if you haven’t already, and to make sure you’re ready to go when the transition period ends at 12am on June 30th.

Wearing Masks On and Off Campus

In line with government and health advice, UC has issued a notice letting all students and staff know that masks are now mandatory in all indoor venues on campus, and have asked that if you’re coming to campus to make sure you’re wearing a mask.

The settings in which you should be wearing a mask include:

  • On all public transport and public transport waiting areas (including taxi/rideshare services, bus and light rail services, community transport services, stations or platforms for rail/bus/lightrail, bus stops and taxi ranks, and any area where people queue or gather)
  • In indoor retail or business premises that provide goods or services to members of the public (including supermarkets, shopping centres and food courts, bank branches, hairdressing salons, nail salons, beauty salons (mask removal is permitted if necessary for proper provision of goods and services), tanning salons, waxing salons, spas, tattoo parlours, massage parlours, betting agencies, community and youth centres/facilities, auction houses, real estate auctions, display/open homes, galleries/museums/national institutions)
  • In any indoor part of premises licensed under the Liquor Act that is used primarily for the purposes of gaming (including a gaming lounge)
  • In indoor entertainment facilities (including cinemas/movie theatres, events/event performances)
  • In indoor premises being used for public worship or religious services (including places of worship)
  • While visiting or working within residential aged care facilities (residents of aged care facilities are exempt)
  • While working at a hospitality venue in the ACT in a role that requires you to deal directly with the public (including casinos, food and drink premises, micro-breweries and small distilleries, pubs, registered clubs, small bars)
  • While dropping off and picking up children from childcare/after school care

UC will be providing single use masks to staff and students who don’t have access to masks during the 48 hour transition period. You can get these from the Library, the Security Help Desk (Building 5, Level A), or Student Central (Building 1, Level B), and presenting your student/staff card when collecting your single use mask.

Wearing Your Mask Correctly

You’ve probably heard this a million times through the pandemic, but a reminder on how to wear masks can’t hurt as we enter this period of mandatory mask wearing. Remember your mask is only effective if your nose and mouth are covered and that it sits snugly on your face. Make sure you’re sanitising your hands before and after you put your mask on, and that you refrain from touching the outside of your mask while wearing and removing it.

Single use masks are just that, single use, so make sure you’re not reusing them. Single use masks can only be used for 4 hours, continuously, before they stop being effective, so make sure you’re replacing them for maximum efficacy.

Reusable masks need to be washed in between uses, and kept in a clean dry place. If you’re carrying multiple masks on you make sure they are in a clean zip-lock or paper bag.

And for all masks, whether reusable or single use, if it gets damp or soiled it is no longer effective and will need to be replaced.

Keep Checking In

Whether you’re on or off campus, make sure you’re using the Check In CBR app and scanning the QR codes when you enter any indoor settings.

If you are on campus remember that each room will have its own check in code so you will have to check in to EVERY room that you visit. The campus is very large and it is important to keep track of where students and staff have visited if we want to keep the community safe. Though we currently have no active cases in the ACT, this will help contact tracing if things change, and will help keep you and the ACT community safe.

As per usual, if you are feeling unwell or are displaying any COVID symptoms, please refrain from coming to campus, make sure you get tested, and stay home. We’ve all got a part to play in keeping things running smoothly so keep up to date with the latest updates from ACT Health (and other states and territories: NSW | VIC | NT | WA | TAS | QLD), and check your emails for updates from the university, should anything drastic change or be implemented.

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