A mid-term vote has taken place to elect Faculty of Health Representative, Alannah Pike, as the new 2021 SRC President.

The vote took place on the 19th of August, after former President, Keisha Preston, finished her degree at the conclusion of semester one.

Alannah Pike has been the SRC’s Women’s Officer for 2021. She outlined updates to the women’s room as a priority when elected, a task that she saw through earlier this year. Pike has also worked closely with students from Midwifery and Nursing degrees, to address specific issues raised at the 2021 Town Hall and SRC Forums. Pike and the faculty held another Town Hall at the end of August to address these concerns.

A statement from SRC President, Alanah Pike:

“Hi there! My name is Alanah Pike. I have recently been elected the new SRC President for the remainder of the year. My original positions on the council were the Faculty of Health Representative and Women’s Officer, which I still hold simultaneously with my new role. I am honoured to be the new President and am looking forward to what the SRC can achieve with my leadership. I am committed to ensuring the SRC functions optimally to serve students accordingly at UC.”

Alanah recently sat down with Curieux reporter, Viktor Gordevech, to discuss what it’s like studying while raising a family, for More Than A Student.

Pike and the SRC are available to students through the SRC email address, ucsrc@canberra.edu.au

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