UCLife and Rosella Street are partnering up to support sustainable community shopping with Thrifty UC.

Thrifty UC is the newest community group on the Rosella Street marketplace where UC students, staff, and community members can buy, sell, rent, or donate pre-loved items and feel good knowing their sale is supporting sustainability across Australia

Rosella Street, formally known as Hey Fritz, is an online marketplace with community groups all over Australia. Its mission is to support community growth and reduce the environmental impacts of consumerism.

Thrifty UC will be replacing the UC Second Hand Textbook and UC Buy, Swap, and Sell Facebook groups.

Buymarr Bushfood Tree Planting Project

Rosella Street is currently partnered with Buymarr, a remote aboriginal community in North-East Arnham land, to replenish bushfood trees throughout their lands. One dollar from every purchase is donated to the Bushfood Tree Planting Project with the hopes of improving food security. Buymarr is a remote, coastal community and has been home to the Yolgnu people for tens of thousands of years. Ensuring the natural landscape thrives is an important step in supporting the traditional ways of life of the Yolgnu people.

Buymarr land. Supplied by Rosella Street

In addition, Rosella Street has an immediate goal of reducing waste by 15% within five years in each community.

How to use Thrifty UC

Thrifty UC is super easy to use. Simply sign up to Rosella Street here, and join the Thrifty group. Once you’re online, you can start buying, selling, and more.

The marketplace is designed for all kinds of goods, from pre-loved clothes and textbooks to power tools and space rentals. This is a fantastic opportunity to clear out your wardrobe, save the environment, and make some extra cash all at once!

Taking on the industry giants

Rosella Street is making waves in online safety, having recently incorporated cutting-edge cyber security measures. Co-Founder and UC Alumni, Sammy Williamson, told the Canberra Times that Rosella Street is helping shoppers avoid fraud when buying and selling online.

“Rosella Street has a safe and secure in-built payment system and ID verification to make sure everyone has a wholesome experience,” she told the Canberra Times.

These safety features set Rosella Street apart from the popular online marketplaces, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace, where online scams, fraud, and theft are on the rise.

Rosella Street is free to join and offers a wider variety of features than its counterparts, including donations and rentals.

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