International students will be welcomed back to the University of Canberra in early 2022 as UC has been approved to participate in the NSW/ACT International Student Return Pilot program.

The ACT Government announced that international students will not be subject to additional quarantine or health requirements when returning to the ACT for the 2022 academic year. UC has welcomed this decision and says it provides a clear pathway for students.

Many international students left Australia very suddenly in 2020 when COVID first reached Australia, and have been studying remotely since. UC’s international student return will be guided by the Australian Government’s plans for reopening international borders to all visa holders. The final date on this reopening has not yet been announced but is expected before semester one commences in late January.

UC has asked international students who would like to return to Australia to register an expression of interest via the International Student Return webpage.

Due to the evolving nature of travel restrictions and international border closures, UC has provided the following advice:

“It is our advice that you do not plan or book any flights until such time as there is an indication of international border and travel advice that clearly enables you to return to Australia via a commercial flight as a Student Visa holder.”

International Student Return

UC has provided the following advice for international students who are currently in Australia:

“If you are currently in Australia, we strongly recommend that you reconsider any plans to return home, especially if you would like to continue with your studies on campus.

We understand that you may want to return home to visit family and friends, but it may be more prudent to remain onshore until such time as international borders have been reopened.

This advice is offered based on advice the University has received from the Department of Home Affairs which indicates that students will only be permitted to return in very limited circumstances.”

If you are looking for support in returning to UC, you can contact your individual faculty for course advice, or and for additional support.

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