Looking for some article inspiration? We are constantly updating a list of topics we need written! If you think one of these topics is right for you, send an email to curieux@canberra.edu.au


A look into UC’s medical and counselling services. UC offers a range of free services to students that are not well known. Curieux editors have contacts ready for anyone interested in writing about medical and counseling.

Student Advocacy Officers; who are they and what can they do for you? This article will be a look into the disciplinary process at UC and the services offered to support students throughout.

Exploring pleasure and sexuality. Our Sex and Health edition is coming out soon so we are looking for articles that explore different areas of sex and relationships.

Feature on the winner of our Paradoxical art competition. We are looking for a writer from the 7th of March to showcase the works of our winning artist. Reach out today to reserve this position!