Curieux is UC’s independent student magazine, running both online and in print, and featuring all student work.  

Curieux’s purpose is to provide students with an active and independent voice in the community. We are a platform for students to discuss a wide range of topics: from politics, university life, philosophy, personal experiences, and much more.  

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Print edition

The Sex and Health Edition

It’s time to get down and dirty with Curieux’s second print edition. Share your health tips, question the wellness world, and explore the evolving experience of pleasure in issue 2, 2021, The Sex and Health Edition.

Pieces for this issue will delve into divine desires, scrutinize social structures, and express personal experiences unbeknown to most. We are looking for creative work (poetry, short stories, quotes, art, and more), journalistic pieces, and thought-provoking social commentary. 

Written submissions for The Sex and Health edition are due on the 14th of June. Email submissions to or drop by the Curieux office, 1a01, on a Friday, 10:30 to 1:30, to chat to our editors.

Online magazine

We share students’ creative projects, whether written, or multimedia, as well as journalistic, and academic articles. Our aim to showcase the diversity of our university and the student voice. 

Since 1972, UC has had a rich history of student publications. Formerly CCAESARIAN and Curio, Curieux became an online magazine in 2016 as a modern representative of the student body. 

Today, Curieux is your voice on campus. Contact us today to get involved.  


Art competition

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