Since 1972, UC has been a consolidation of phenomenal student works, often the student’s first ever publication. Formerly known as CCAESARIAN and Curio, Curieux became an online magazine in 2016 as a modern representative of the student body.

The history of Curieux is a proud one which was founded to provide a voice for students. Over the years Curieux has tackled a range of issues. Today, Curieux focuses on UC related issues, including arts, politics and much more.

As the publishing industry dips evermore into the digital domain, Curieux too, is transitioning to a predominantly online platform. Not only does this grant students a more efficient and lasting platform for their works, but the transition also aligns with Curieux’s strong stance on sustainability.

Curieux has been publishing their print editions on recyclable paper since 2021; however, going predominantly digital will also reduce the magazine’s overall carbon footprint.