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Art Topics

  • The world looks a lot more different to how it did 100 years ago, or maybe 200, 300 or even 1000? Create a piece of art to reflect this journey.
  • Black and white or in colour? How can we show a variety of current issues affecting the world today? Does the use of or lack of colour somehow enhance or reflect the issues explored?
  • If clocks stopped tomorrow and the concept of time disappeared, but life continued, how would it look?
  • Think of a building you know well. Now imagine what it would look like if nature took over, create a piece of art to reflect this.

Article Topics

  • Parking at UC has been a hot topic for years. Could you be the reporter to break the story?
  • Student Advocacy Officers; who are they and what can they do for you? This article will look into the disciplinary process at UC and the services offered to support students throughout.
  • Diversity at UC. With the launch of the SRC’s new diversity survey, we want to know how UC stacks up. Is there room for improvement?
  • Think of a current sustainability issue that you may have seen on the news, in an advertisement, or on social media. Write an article that spins this in a new creative direction. It could include a different viewpoint or a topic that you feel is underexplored. It’s a challenge to think outside the general news headlines.
  • There are many small steps that we can take to becoming more sustainable. However, when asked what we can do, we’re often left questioning our ideas. Research some small changes that everyone can make to their daily lives. Write an article informing readers on how to make those changes.

Poetry Topics

  • A message to future generations.
  • Leaving our stamp on the world.
  • Voices crackling through telephones or online social medias.
  • Immersing yourself in nature.

Short Fiction Topics

  • Running water.
  • Broken glass.
  • Three birds balancing on a wire.
  • “You call it a problem. I call it a solution.” – writing prompt.s
  • “Start your sentence with something that is genuinely happy and upbeat. End the story with the same sentence.” Except this time, the tone has completely changed to something uncanny or slightly off. End on your most dramatic cliff hanger. – writing prompt.s
  • “When someone’s heart breaks, so does a piece of our world. This creates fissures, valleys, and even cracks in the pavement. Now tell me the story behind the Grand Canyon.” – writing prompt.s

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