At Curieux we want to showcase the work of our immensely creative community here at UC, so we’re here to share our latest themed editions! Calling all writers, journalists, poets, artists, illustrators, photographers and more!

Tomorrow’s Algorithm

We now have some fairly powerful AI tools at our fingertips. So powerful, we’re often being told we can’t use them. This raises questions about the future. Is AI just another technology to make our lives easier, like the telephone? Or is it a critical step towards the obsolescence of our species? Are we better off without AI? Are we better off without telephones? 

We can’t answer these questions. But maybe we can answer some smaller ones. Can AI make art that’s worth our time? Can it be a tool for taking human creativity in new and exciting directions? 

Curieux is looking for creative works made by you and your AI assistants. Works can be entirely AI generated, or the product of novel human/AI collaborations. The works should engage with unanswerable questions about the kind of future our technologies are shaping and what role humanity will play in that future. 

Evolved for Life

Humans. We’re soft and squishy. We make mistakes and don’t make sense. We’re full of contradictions. Some people think our time is coming to an end, because our machines are almost grown up enough to take care of themselves. But we can’t just welcome our own obsolescence, we’re not programmed that way. 

We’re not like machines, all utilitarian and guided by outcomes. We’re better. We’re guided by ideas and values and forces that no one can explain. Curieux wants to celebrate that by asking for 100% human generated creations for our next online edition. The works should draw attention to the beautiful ambiguities that go along with being human. A machine can show us a sunset, but only we know what it’s like to witness one. 

Word Counts/Submissions

Curieux accepts written pieces up to 1500 words as well as poetry, visual art, photography, music and film. Please send your work, or any questions, to [email protected]